Marshall- How to Train an Adopted Dog

When I met Marshall, it was magic! He is the cutest thing ever! He was jumping and he looked so excited. As his original pet parent left and we brought him home, that was it - a start of a new and happy life with us. But then, he started barking excessively loud and we couldn't sleep at night. It's been six months since Marshall lived with us and although it hasn't been easy, it's very rewarding. He started out as our home's little rascal but with the right training, he has become our sweetheart.

Here is what I what I know about adopting a dog:

  1. They need time to adapt to new environment.
  2. They can mess up your home so be prepared for that.
  3. They may not eat the dog food you give them.
  4. They may not obey you right away.
  5. They pee in the wrong places.
  6. They bark excessively.


What did I do?

  1. Take time off and spend it with your dog- Having an adopted dog is like dating a new person. You need to take the time to shower your dog with praises, walk with your dog and find his territory on pee breaks and watch him eat his food.
  2. Give him treats- Treats work wonders in training because it makes them obey. You have to give them an excitement and a catch for learning a new trick.
  3. Show your dog some affection- Most dogs that are adopted experienced separation anxiety or worst case trauma. Talk to your dog like a child and show some love by hugging your dog or rubbing the belly; as they say affection or love removes anxiety and fear.
  4. Get the right Dog Training Collar- For best results use a training collar that does not punish your dog. Other brands may give a shock your dog might not want to experience, but the best are those that has gentle shock system that does not hurt your dog just like Black dog it actually helped Marshall a lot on training and behaving.

Lastly Make your dog feel like a family and they have a home where they truly belong to you!