Bark Collar

Bark Collars for a Quieter Home and a Happier Dog

Is your dog barking excessively? We have the perfect solution for you.
Shop our range of quality bark collars that offer total bark training that’s proven safe and effective for your dog.


Has your dog been barking a little too much lately? Have you been yearning for a quieter, more peaceful home? We know you’ve been trying to keep it down, what with the neighbors and all, it’s difficult when it seems like your dog has been barking all hours of the day, every day.

We also know that it’s hard to determine what’s causing the problem. Barking, after all, is as natural to dogs as talking is to humans. Just like us, they need to convey their emotions: fear, curiosity, joy, excitement or they may be simply territorial. But whatever those reasons might be, when the barking is keeping you up at night or annoying your cranky, 80-year old neighbor, the only solution is: bark training.

Professional training, however, is costly and time-consuming. Enrolling your dog in obedience school or hiring a professional trainer, well the fees are hefty and depending on your dog’s overall personality, may take weeks or months before showing any results. What you need is a one-time purchase, all-in-one bark training solution that’s effective, affordable and shows instant results. You’ve come to the right place.

Black Dog recommends you to get a quality anti bark collar for your dog to help you control excessive barking. You can choose from our range of dog bark collars that are designed to suit dogs of all breeds and sizes, featuring sturdy and adjustable collars, easy-to-use features and an ergonomic design to give maximum comfort to your dogs. To allow your active dogs to explore all types of environments, we also offer waterproof bark collars, giving your dog the freedom to roam free, at the lake, at the beach, at the pool, wherever you need to take them.

If you feel a little worried that a shock collar for dogs might hurt your dog, we would like to reassure you that if you buy a dog shock collar from us, our range of bark collars will feature several different training levels and modes to suit your dog’s temperament and behavior. Our bark collars also feature a test mode. Simply place the e collar on your hand or wrist, test it and easily determine which would be the best shock level for your dog.

Check out our range of bark collars today and take that step towards a quieter home, a happier dog and better sleep at night. For professional advice or consultation about the perfect bark collar for your dog, contact our team. We’ll be happy to assist you.