About us

Pets are family. Black Dog Manufacturing believes in this wholeheartedly. Short as this statement may be, these three words mean volumes to our four-legged best friends, dogs. Family, in itself, is a very strong word. And we strongly believe in family. As time passes, our families extend to the most unlikely of individuals – both humans and animals can become family to us. And when they have become part of our family, we care for them, accept them and love them unconditionally.

Black Dog Manufacturing understands and respects the love you have for your dogs. We believe in providing products and services that are built upon this foundation of love; that’s why we are committed to offering you smart, effective and affordable solutions that help improve the quality time and relationship you share with your dog.

However, we also understand that relationships require hard work and understanding; especially between humans and our canine companions. Just like us, dogs can develop bad habits and these bad habits can put a strain on your relationship. Sometimes this can result in a dog you love to be needlessly given up to a shelter because their behavior has become too disruptive, harmful or destructive.

That’s why Black Dog Manufacturing specializes in providing quality training products that you can trust, at a price you can afford. With our HappyHound and BARKbuddy brands, we will show you how to safely and humanely correct these behaviors, so you can restore the loving relationships that we all wish to have with our pets. We also understand that choosing the right training product for your dog can be overwhelming. That’s why we are proud to say that we don’t offer you over-engineered products with features you simply do not need. We provide you with quality products that are simple, inexpensive and easy to use, designed to meet the specific needs of your household pets.

Aside from the products we offer, Black Dog Manufacturing aims to provide you access to the best available resources at no additional cost. That’s why are proud of our relationship with renowned pet trainer, Phillip Paris. Each and every one of our training products comes with his exclusive training videos. Only Black Dog Manufacturing can offer you this amazing benefit.

Whatever your reasons for training your dog might be, whether it’s to stop him from barking excessively, jumping on guests or if you simply want to instill firm yet gentle discipline, we want to make sure that your training experience is fun, worthwhile and most importantly, effective.