Bark Buddy Training Systems Cheat Sheet

  1. Remember your dog is barking for a reason. Look to eliminate the reason. Avoid reinforcing poor behavior such as when your dog barks and you respond with something positive. Remember: Demand Barking is Yelling at you!
  2. Be sure your dog is getting lots of exercise. Just being left in the backyard doesn’t mean he’s getting exercise.
  3. Remember to stimulate your dog. Mentally and Physically. Mental Stimulation is obedience, nature walks, sensory games, etc. Physical Stimulation is long walks, playing fetch, running, etc.
  4. When using the Bark Buddy No Bark Collar, begin on low levels. Monitor your dog the first few times you use your new collar.
  5. Make sure the collar is snug but not too tight. Both prongs should be making contact with the skin. Use appropriate length of prongs for your dog’s hair length.
  6. The Bark Buddy collar should be placed on the front of the neck of your dog so it can register the dog’s barking.
  7. Weekly clean the collar with a disinfectant wipe. Probes and strap.
  8. When in doubt about the collar working, DON’T use it. Seek help.
  9. If you feel you need help, seek a training professional.