"Very effective product. Our Poppy, a bullmastiff, needed help adjusting to our new home (big yard, lots of critters) and the Happy Hound Yard Ranger 330 is a great solution."

Lisa Bedford, Evanston, IL | Bullmastiff

"I bought the Bark Buddy’s Classic BBV for our doxy mutt Leonardo and the results are just amazing. Solved all our barking problems!"

Stephen Walker, Balch Springs, TX | Doxy/Schnauzer (Mixed Breed Mutt)

"Not a believer in bark collars but you changed my mind – happy customer here."

Sandra Parker, Sedona, AZ | Toy Poodle

"Here’s my experience with the Bark Buddy BB7R (bark collar for dogs). Maybe it can help you make a purchase decision. Overall, the experience is good. You get what you pay for plus a little extra.

Price - compared to other brands, it’s really cheap.

Features – just okay. I’m not a pro at dog training and the features here are basic. Just the ones I need for training my dog (he needs a little help with obedience and meal times are quite a chore because he’s too aggressive). I’ve looked at other ones with all the extra bells and whistles for hunting/sport.

Dog comfort – fits my dog well. Overall, it’s not difficult to set up. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.

Rechargeable batteries – great! Quick charging. Batteries last just as long as the battery indicates.

Not bulky – lightweight and fits perfectly in my hands

Waterproof – but I would have liked to get submersible ones. But this is okay. We have a little doggy pool for our dog. He’s an active dog that likes the water so the waterproof feature’s great.

Appreciate Phillip Paris videos – I thought they would be useless but surprisingly easy to understand. He’s very experienced and everything is explained well.

If you’re looking for a fancy bark collar, look somewhere else. But for basic, family-friendly dog training systems, this works perfectly well."

Craig Hunter, South Milwaukee, WI | Border Collie

"Just wanted to say a quick hello to all of you. We got the Bark Buddy Hush Puppy and it works like magic. Of course my son had to take some time to actually get our dog to get used to it. He’s a sweetie. His name’s Ranger. We just got a new pup in the house and it’s got Ranger on edge! He’s been our only doggy for quite a while and imagine getting a new little brother without any warning? I’d be upset, too. Anyways, it worked wonderfully well. Ranger’s always been a lovely dog to have however his Hush Puppy helped him a great deal. He’s off of it now but we’re keeping it close, just in case. Our little Sandy might need help, soon. If she will, we’ll be sure to drop by your website again. All the best, Susan Martinez."

Susan Martinez, Elk Grove, Sacramento, CA | Scotch Collie