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  • FIND MY PET IS A GPS TRACKING DEVICE: To provide the MOST ACCURATE LOCATION it needs to be outdoors so it can connect with GPS satellites. If your Find My Pet GPS Tracker loses contact with the satellites, it will try to use your cell phone service to track and locate your pet, but cell network tracking is not as accurate. So if you and your pet are inside and it shows your pet somewhere else, just look at him laying at your feet and know that everything is fine.
  • FIND & TRACK YOUR PET ANYWHERE WORLDWIDE: You will be able to locate your pet on your smartphone anywhere in the world as long as you have GSM (2G) cell network coverage (SIM Card is included!) FREE Android and iPhone Apps - Search your App Store for Find My Pet GPS. You can also track your pet with a web browser on our website as well as adjust your settings for each pet you have on one of our GPS Collars.
  • ONE IN THREE PETS GET LOST AT SOME POINT: With the Find My Pet GPS locator collar your pet won't be one of them! With Find My Pet GPS, you can add as many pets as you want to your account and keep track of all of them all the time!
  • TRACK AND LOCATE ALMOST ANYTHING: The Find My Pet GPS tracker is designed with dog owners in mind. But that doesn’t mean you can't use it to keep track of the position of other animals, like horses or even cattle! It can also be used to find and track much more than just pets, it can track cars, people, your personal belongings, track almost anything!.
  • 1 MONTH FREE SERVICE: You will be able to use this GPS pet tracker for the first month for free! After that, there’s a small cell network subscription fee of $4.99 per month. Or choose a One-year plan for $4.17 per month or Three-year plan for only $2.75 per month to save even more!

Premium worldwide GPS pet tracker by Find My Pet GPS. Smart collar for dogs and cats with real time tracking and instant location change alert notifications. For Android and iPhone apps. Easy to use.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • WORRY-FREE PET PARENTING. Never worry about losing your pet. Considered members of our family, our pets are our best friends and lifelong companions. It would be unimaginable to lose a pet. The Find My Pet GPS Locator Collar lets you relax and rest easy knowing that you will always know the whereabouts of your pet.
  • PEACE OF MIND FOR YOU, FREEDOM FOR YOUR PET. That is probably one of the best benefits the Find My Pet can offer. You can focus on what you need to do without constantly having to keep an eye on your pet. It also allows your pet to roam free and explore. If your pet happens to leave its designated area, you will be immediately notified via email or text.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL TYPES OF PETS AND OTHER ANIMALS, TOO. The Find My Pet is originally designed for dogs and cats however you can also choose to use it for other animals. You can keep track of a wide variety of furry friends – horses, cows, sheep, even rabbits!
  • WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. Vacationing in Paris and want to check on your pet? As long as the GPS collar is in an area with GSM (2G) cellular network coverage, you can instantly ping your pet’s location anywhere in the world. The Find My Pet GPS Locator Collar covers 80 countries around the globe.
  • FREE SERVICE FOR 30 DAYS. You will enjoy the benefits of the Find My Pet for the first month absolutely FREE! After that, a small cellular network fee of $5 will be charged. But we must say, $5 is such a small price to pay for the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing that you will never lose your pet.



Product Description

Losing a beloved pet can be a pet parent’s worst nightmare. Tragic scenarios racing through your mind if your pet gets lost, wandering off and potentially never to be seen again is simply a terrible thought. However, this is an accepted fact among pet parents – that there’s always a possibility that you might lose your pet. That’s why we do everything we can to keep them safe; if possible, taking them with us wherever we go.

But what if we can tell you that you will never have to worry about losing your pet, ever? What if we can offer you the perfect solution to keeping tabs on your pet 24/7, anywhere in the world, at all times?

We’d like to introduce you to the Find My Pet GPS Locator Collar - a smart, simple yet sophisticated solution to never worrying about losing your pet.

Using modern GPS technology, the Find My Pet GPS Locator Collar allows you to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts – anytime, all the time, anywhere in the world! As long as the collar can connect to a GSM (2G) network, you can ping your pet’s location whenever needed. Unsure if your location has 2G connection? Not to worry. It’s a type of cellular data connection that’s available in over 80 countries all over the world.

Simply open a browser on your laptop or pick up your tablet or smartphone and you’ll instantly know your pet’s location. If your pet wanders off its designated area, you will be immediately alerted via text or email.

Imagine how great this product would be, not just for you – but especially for your pet! You will have the peace of mind knowing that the Find My Pet GPS Locator Collar will constantly inform you of your pet’s location and your pet will always be protected from being lost. It’s also great for other kinds of animals, not just dogs and cats. You can keep track of cattle, horses, sheep, rabbits, hamsters, the list is endless!

Equipping your pet with this ingenious tracking gear is like having someone watching you pet for you all day and all night.

Forget your worries and relax. We got you covered!

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