Happy Hound HRT-330 Yard Ranger 330 Dog Training Collar with Remote

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Brand: Very Happy Hound



  • HUMANE, SAFE AND EFFECTIVE ALL-IN-ONE BARK TRAINING SYSTEM. Packed with human-friendly and dog-friendly features, the Bark Buddy is the perfect solution to help control and curb your dog’s excessive barking and teach your dog to bark only when absolutely necessary.
  • PAINLESS, NO-SHOCK BARK COLLAR. With the Bark Buddy, your furry friend is safe from painful shocks. The Bark Buddy’s Humane Vibration Warning feature delivers a pain-free vibration that can be adjusted depending on your dog’s needs. The Bark Buddy features up to 6 training levels and up to 7 sensitivity levels.
  • WATERPROOF FEATURE ALLOWS DOGS TO ROAM FREE. Our furry best friends love to explore! Give your dog the freedom to roam far and wide and explore wet environments even when wearing the Bark Buddy. Because of its great waterproof feature, you can take your dog on the beach or by the lake for a fun, bark training session.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES. Need to go on a family trip this weekend? With the Bark Buddy, you won’t need to leave your dog behind and interrupt bark training. Its batteries are rechargeable making it convenient for you to take your dog with you wherever you go and not worry about buying and replacing dead batteries.
  • DURABLE, COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Designed to comply with the strictest quality standards, the Bark Buddy’s durability is guaranteed. We also know that you don’t want your dog to feel any pain or discomfort, that’s why it also features a compact and lightweight design, making your dog feel like he is wearing any other collar. Great for bark training, great for your dog and great for you!

The Bark Buddy BB7R is an effective and inexpensive solution for training your dogs to bark less and only when necessary. Its compact design houses a full bark-training system that’s ideal for giving your dog the bark training that he needs.

You won’t need to worry about your dog’s active lifestyle. Designed for all kinds of environments, the Bark Buddy BB7R is completely waterproof so you won’t need to worry about postponing bark training because of that trip to the beach, you can take your dog along with you anywhere you need to go. Long, weekend trips won’t be a problem either. Since it’s rechargeable, you won’t need to worry about buying and replacing dead batteries.

Since dogs are also the best security alarms, we count on their barks to warn us during potentially dangerous situations. The Bark Buddy BB7R features a Pet Protection Mode which prevents over stimulation so your dog can still bark and warn the entire household when necessary. To prevent over stimulation, it also features a vibration warning prior to stimulation.

• Humane Vibration Warning feature
• Up to 6 training levels: simply choose which best suits your dog
• Up to 7 adjustable sensitivity levels: select which best fits your dog’s temperament
• Waterproof: gives your dog freedom to explore wet environments
• Rechargeable batteries
• Multi-color LED battery life indicator
• Pet Protection Mode: allows your dog to bark during urgent situations
• Simple, user-friendly controls
• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort and convenience
• Collar size fits small, medium and large dogs weighing 10 lbs. and up

• Bark control collar
• Charger and charging cable
• Contact probes
• Test light
• Manual
• Exclusive digital download of training videos from renowned trainer Phillip Paris